One Of The World’S Top Ten Watches – The Confidential Of Excellent UK Fake Corum Golden Bridge Movement

Someone doubt that why buy a mechanical watch, not precise than the quartz watch and also often need to manual wind. They actually see only the practicability of the watch, but for the mechanical watch, practicality is not the most important function, decorative and the beauty of technology that contained, are the most notable of the mechanical watch.

Vincent Calabrese - watchmaker of fake Corum
Vincent Calabrese

The birth of the precious replica Corum Golden Bridge series can hardly do without the help of the watchmaker, Vincent Calabrese. In the early 1970s, when he worked in the watch shop, he had to create a “special” idea of watch, “case should not be a cage of the movement”, and the connection between the two parts, the less the better. So he built a movement, that only connected in 12 o ‘clock and 6 o ‘clock position of the case, and for this work, he won the first prize in the international invention exhibition in Geneva.

fantastic fake Corum Golden Bridge movement

In order to show the splendid structure and gorgeous beauty of the movement, each charming Corum Golden Bridge series that all adopted the transparent case design. In 2005, Corum replica watches with miraculous movements took the new designed for the copy Corum Golden Bridge watches, the barrel transparent case, the golden bridge movement just like suspended in the transparent case, that can appreciated to see beauty of this wonderful movement from all directions.

gold case fake Corum Golden Bridge self-winding watches

In Basel, delicate Corum copy watches again play unlimited the creativity, that introduced the new fake Corum Golden Bridge & Miss Golden Bridge Ceramic watches for men and women, which built the stage with precise ceramics and pieces of crystal glass for the golden bridge movement and the black case has sharp contrast to the gold movement with the amazing visual effect.

black case fake Corum Miss Golden Bridge Ceramic for women
Black Case Fake Corum Miss Golden Bridge Ceramic For Women

The fascinating fake Corum Miss Golden Bridge Ceramic watches, considering the effect of the female consumers aesthetic and wearing, Corum fake watches select the slender and elegant barrel case matching the black leather strap, more magnificent.

black strap fake Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic for men
Black Strap Fake Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic For Men

The copy Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic watches for men embody the progressive and innovative thought of the replica Corum watches. The crystal glass back through the via metallization process, sometimes translucence, sometimes exquisitely carved under the sunshine, that let the Corum Golden Bridge watches become more interesting, through the crystal glass mirror and back, the structure of CO 113 movement is exquisite at a glance.

The fancy copy Corum Golden Bridge series is a model of bold innovation, and one of the world’s top ten watches brand CORUM has never stopped the pace of innovation, and we are looking forward to this unique movement can release a bright luster in the future.