Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII Fake Cheap Swiss Watches With Brown Leather Straps Of Good Quality

Type XX-XXI-XXII collection has solid round cases and complicated functions. Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII copy watches with black dials are driven by Cal. 582 that can wind up automatically. The Swiss movements with 25 jewels have annular balances and flat hairsprings. The total components are 293 pieces. Their power reserve is 48 hours. The beauty of the running movements can be admired through the transparent case backs.

The noble Breguet Type XX-XXI-XXII fake watches have luminescent designs for hour markers and hands. People can see the time in any cases. A small seconds sub-dial is set at 9 o’clock. There are no date indicators on the black dial. Besides, there are another two sub-dials used for chronograph functions. Their complicated functions also include flyback. The 39mm steel cases with bidirectional rotating bezels give people a reliable feeling.

The steel bezels are also engraved with black scale. Breguet replica watches with Swiss automatic movements can work under the 100m-deep water. The brown leather straps also add some elegant feelings to the whole image. Both men and women can wear them on many occasions.