Innovative Design Concept Of UK Bell & Ross Vintage BR-Bird Fake Watches

With the development and improvement of technology and craft, design concept of watches is not limited to small field. It could be said Swiss brands begin to play bigger and bigger. More and more innovative designs are appeared in front of customers. And we have to admit that nothing is impossible. The new Bell & Ross copy watches for sale are one of wonderful creative timepieces.

BR-Bird Concept Plane

BR-Bird concept plane is developed by Bell & Ross. And based on this concept, Bell & Ross launches steel cases Racing Bird Bell & Ross Vintage replica watches. Every detail of watches presents the speed and performance of plane.

This great fake watch takes inspiration from the plane.
White Dials Bell & Ross Vintage Replica Watches

The self-winding movements fake watch continues the aesthetic characteristics of the aircraft in the brand design competition, and is very similar in color code: the face plate is white, like the fuselage of the aircraft. The numbers, rings, timing codes, dial and strap are all blue, like the BR-Bird tail and the decorative elements that describe aerodynamics.

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UK New Steel Cases Bell & Ross Vintage Garde-Côtes Replica Watches

Bell & Ross is passionate about the military world and its symbolic significance. The watchmaking company regarded military personnel as heroes at the beginning of its establishment. The brand and these men and women share the same values: strength and excellence. This enables the brand to develop professional skills and create a very good fake watch with self-winding movement.

Bell & Ross Vintage imitation watches are great combination of modern and retro design.
Retro Bell & Ross Vintage Fake Watches UK

This year, to continue this strategy, Bell & Ross pays tribute to professional marine lifeguards, more specifically to their helicopter pilots and divers – the brand has designed two excellent Bell & Ross copy watches to express their support to these marine heroes and to praise the heroic and responsible spirit of their mission.

With arabic numeral time scales, readability is quite clear.
Black Rubber Straps Bell & Ross Vintage Replica Watches

As the historical series, Bell & Ross Vintage replica watches with grey dials are basis of Garde-Côtes. New watches greatly inherit the round design to present the more sports and modern styles. Even not used in professional field, new Vintage series watches are also all-matched for daily activities.

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